Jiayi Lu

PhD student in Linguistics

About Me

Hello! I am Jiayi Lu (he/his), a third-year PhD student in linguistics at Stanford University. I completed my BA at Northwestern University in 2019 with majors in linguistics, neuroscience, and integrated science. I’m originally from Beijing, China.


I am primarily interested in syntax and psycholinguistics.


In the domain of syntax, I’m generally interested in island effects. Specifically, I have looked at the coordinate structure constraint (the islandhood of conjuncts), and the argument/adjunct asymmetry in island effects. I am also interested in the structure of clause chaining and coordination.

(1) Coordinate structure constraint and the syntax of coordination:

LSA2021 talk

(2) Argument/adjunct asymmetry in island-sensitivity:

2020 Linguistic Inquiry paper;

Amlap2018/LSA2019 poster;


In the domain of psycholinguistics, I’m particularly interested in the nature of acceptability judgments (i.e. what do participants do when they give acceptability ratings to sentences?). I have also done some work on the noisy-channel model of sentence comprehension, and the processing of relative clauses.

(1) Satiation of acceptability judgment:

CogSci2021 Proceedings Paper

LSA2021 talk

(2) The “Lingering effect” in wh-question processing and its effect on acceptability judgment (collaboration with Nayoun Kim):

2021 paper in the Korean Journal of Linguistics

(3) Processing of the gapping construction (collaboration with Nayoun Kim)

(4) Processing of syntactically “noisy” sentences in Mandarin Chinese (work done at TedLab at MIT):

Manuscript in prep, with Meilin Zhan, Ted Gibson, and Roger Levy

(5) Processing of Chinese relative clauses (work done in the Aphasia and Neurolinguistic Lab at Northwestern University):

SNL2018 poster

Me not as a Linguist

In my free time, I enjoy cooking, traveling, playing soccer, and watching movies. I’m also a collector of stamps, covers, and other ephemera. As a member of the American First Day Cover Society, I also create cachets (artworks on the left side of stamped covers) for first day covers. Here are some FDC cachets I created:

cachet for Scott #5557 “Chien-Shiung Wu Forever stamp”

cachet fot Scott #5556 “Year of the Ox Forever stamp”